July 9, 2013

Fun on the Fourth

The fourth of July dawned clear and beautiful.  *We have been blessed with fantastic weather recently blue skies and lots of sunshine and this makes my heart extra happy. 

As you can see we started the day in good spirits!
Drift Creek Falls Trail~  this trail is not far from Lincoln City and is located in the Siuslaw National Forrest.  The trail is 3 miles round trip with a elevation change of 400 feet.   It is listed as a easy to moderate hike.   

We were ready and excited to hit the trail! 

Get ready..... get set....

One of the bridges over the creek.

This is the 240 foot suspension bridge that spans the rocky creek bed.  I must admit that my stomach did a bit of jumping around as I looked WAY down at the rocks below and felt the bridge bounce and sway as we crossed. 
The bridge was built in 1997, and is dedicated in memory of Scott Paul who died while working on the rigging.
The falls is described as a 75 foot "horse tail" falls.  Below:  Drift Creek Falls as viewed from the bridge.
 The Falls and Suspension Bridge as viewed from the creek bank.

Of course no hike is complete without a picnic lunch!  Today's lunch consisted of sandwiches from Subway.  Yummy!  I loved the rustic "picnic table". 
 And then rock climbing is a must!

This was such a fun hike and I thought it was very family friendly. 
During our travels we saw some great scenery.

And this great covered bridge.
 In the evening we enjoyed supper and fireworks with some friends. 

There was no shortage of smoke or silliness!

My littlest man was not sure what to think.


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