July 25, 2007

Bean’s first bath

Today was another big first. Bean’s first bath. Yes I do realize that he is 7 weeks old and should have had a bath by now. But do to the fact that his father has been gone 3 of those 7 weeks and really wanted to be a part of his first bath, we postponed it until now.
No, Bean has not been allowed to collect dirt and grime all of this time, but has endured sponge baths.
Although, his bath was a very short one, I think he enjoyed it. At least there weren’t any tears.

July 17, 2007

The adventures of Bean and his Mommy~

Today we went to Portrait Innovations and had Bean’s picture taken. Now I have been somewhat nervous about this appointment since I scheduled it, knowing it would be up to me to make the decisions. Bean, on the other hand, showed no concern for this big day until last night; evidently he was so excited that for several hours he couldn’t sleep.

Not wanting to be late, not exactly sure where I was going and wanting to dress him in the “picture outfit” after we arrived, we gave ourselves plenty of time, in fact we were about 30 minutes early. No problem (I thought) plenty of time to change his clothes. The outfit I had picked out was a very adorable white and blue pinstripe. We are ready, let the pictures begin.
Bean is smiling and talking on my lap, in an excellent mood for pictures. Then I feel a warm sensation on my leg, this can only be one of two things, so off to the changing table for a quick diaper change. Only a little wet spot on his adorable white and blue pinstripe outfit. The minutes continue to tick by… 1:15 comes and goes, the waiting room is a madhouse, children are everywhere. (An excellent time to observe parenting styles) Bean and I keep waiting; I am praying that his outfit will quickly dry, that nothing more will soil it, and that it will soon be our turn while he is still in a happy mood. Then it happens, an ominous rumbling, we quickly rush back to the changing table to survey the damage. The word “blowout” would be a correct description, but if I’m careful…. Nope time to bring out the second outfit. The minutes are still ticking, the good mood has passed. Sleep has come. Finally, an hour and half after our originally appointed time, it is our turn. Yeah! The sleepy boy was able to wake up and even give out a few smiles. After picking out the pictures that I wanted and waiting 20+ minutes for them to print, we were out of there. This adventure took us about 3 ½ hours.
Actually, Bean did very well, probably better than his Mommy and we got some great pictures!!

I did learn some valuable lessons:
Never show up early.
Bring enough food for at least 2 meals.
Bring several outfits; you never know what might happen.

July 14, 2007


Bean and I took my sister Diana to the airport early Thursday morning for her trip to Malaysia. The weather was much cooler and more comfortable then it had been in previous days, and not wanting dear Bean to get cold on this adventure I covered him with two cozy blankets and placed his blue hat with the white pom-pom, on his head. I really love the hat. When we were back at the house and I had removed blankets and hat, I realized that the hat was now too small, since it had “left its mark” on his forehead. Now the hat would have to be retired, and I, overcome briefly with a cloud of sentimentality, was sad. (No I did not cry) Then I really cheered myself up by realizing that for years to come there would be such “milestones” as this.
My cute little boy is growing very fast; he is now a grand six weeks old. Wow, time is really flying.

July 13, 2007


Dear faithful readers (I’m sure there are many) due to the way this blog has been neglected during the past several months, this is notice that it has now come under new management. It is yet to be determined how well the new management will handle this responsibility. Please be patient, there is much to do to catch this site up to the present age.