November 26, 2011


Ohio means: Mamaw & Papaw, a visit to the country, swinging, baseball...

Ohio means a visit to Big Boy...

Ohio means:  visiting with  family feeling the love....   

Ohio means:  you get so tired you fall asleep anywhere...

 Ohio means:  hanging out at  
       Nana's, laughter, hugs, 

Soaking up love from Aunt Di

Ohio means: family pictures, happy toes....

Ohio means:  Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, trillions of toppings for your yogurt...
Ohio means:  sporting your new
jams custom made by Nana, conversation, competition,

laughter, and lots of giggles.

Ohio is a special place! 

November 24, 2011

July~ Family Vacation~ Lewis Farm & Dune rides (part 2)

Lewis Farm~ fun for everyone!

Yee Ha  ride 'em cowboys!

           The great duck races!              Intense competition

Mac Woods Dune Rides
Fun stuff!

July~ Family vacation in Montague, Mi (part 1)

  July 4th~the start of our vacation!
Lighthouse on Lake Michigan 

Our welcome sign!

 *Sparkler fun!   It's all fun and games until someone burns a finger.

Touring Montague and the
World's Largest Weathervane

 Fun in the sun and sand!
Lake Michigan beach

The Joy's of June (part 2)

    Julia Davis Rose Garden               Boise, Idaho                 

The fun butterfly exhibit at Zoo Boise:

Simple joy of riding down the slide with her daddy!

Our first family camping trip! We packed everything but the kitchen sink.

 Setting up the tent and starting a  fire.  Important stuff!

Enjoying the outdoors.

I guess she doesn't do mornings!  Well, maybe it had to do with the
fact that it took her HOURS to fall asleep and then she woke up at
the first signs of dawn.