June 25, 2008

Ok, the month of June is flying by!! Andy and I celebrated our anniversary on the 12th. We have been married for 4 years.
On Father's Day, we were finally able to have Carson dedicated. Yes, I realize that he is over a year old, but things like this take time. It was nice to have several family members celebrate this occasion with us. Interesting fact, the pastor did pray and dedicate "Carson Benjamin Palmer". Yes, you read that right. "Palmer" As soon as the prayer was over, he realized his mistake and corrected himself. He went on to say that all week he was concerned that he would make this mistake. Good memories. Maybe this is what the Bengals need, time will tell...

The VBS program was also this morning so that made for a cool background for dedication pictures.
My dear son has also acquired a new skill; he can open the front door of our apartment. Fun for Mommy!

Recently we were able to visit my dad. The bean man took his first 4 wheeler ride and also his first horseback ride. He really seemed to enjoy riding "Misty". Misty has been a trusted member of our family for many years.

June 10, 2008

Birthday Party

Here are just a few pictures from the big boy's birthday bash.
The cake was made by (drum roll please) ME. This is my first experience with
something so grand. I mostly had fun... I agonized for quite some time over homemade icing and getting it to the correct color, but gave up in failure and sent Andy to the store for good old chocolate icing. Great color, great taste.

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