May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday Buddy!

You sure seemed tiny  when you joined our family.  We were so excited for you to finally arrive!

Brand new!
You were such a fun little boy!  Your nickname was "bean"  back then in those early days. 
Age 1

3 years

2011    4 years old

2012    5 years old

First day of Kindergarten.

The big brother.
Today we celebrate you!!  You have brought such joy to our family and we are thankful that God has blessed us with you.  Enjoy your day my son!  I love you!

May 29, 2013

The Third of May~

The Third of May was a big, big day!  
 "What happened", you say, "on the third of May?" 
 It just so happened, that on this day, something new would come our way........
Uh, oh it appears that my Dr. Seuss skills have just failed, so how about I stop the rhyme and just tell you our happy news.
For the last several years, Andy and I have tossed around the idea of getting a lazy boy type recliner.  Well we finally made that purchase.  We found one at the furniture store that we really liked and they delivered it on the third of May.
You can see from this picture, that the sun does shine here sometimes!

Here it is; our new chair!  We also realized that in our almost 9 years of marriage this is the first brand new piece of furniture that we have ever bought. 

The local princess posing with the new chair.
Apparently, this is what happens if you sit in this chair to long.
Hey Pops, here it is, the new chair!  It is all ready for your arrival in a few days!


May 28, 2013

Beware of Soft Sand!

Whenever you decide to take a little drive on the beach....

 It is always a good idea to check out the condition of the sand!

The car that you see in the above two pictures got stuck driving on the beach and driving off the beach.  The driver of this car shall remain nameless.  :)
Let this be a lesson to you, my friend:  Watch out for that soft sand!

And the Adventuring Continues-Munson Falls

We continued our adventuring with Mamaw and Papaw to Munson Falls.   According to the Oregon State Parks website, Munson Falls is the tallest waterfall in the Coast Range and the water falls 319 feet. We followed the path from the parking lot for a  short, easy hike back through dense, beautiful forest.

my camera was zoomed in on the top part of the Falls

The big dude and the little dude.

Of course you can't be close to water and not play!

Two happy hikers.

We all enjoyed this fun easy hike and if you come to visit us we will take you to see the beautiful Munson Falls!

May 26, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, Y'all!

May 25, 2013

Here we go adventuring.....

Recently, Mamaw and Papaw were here for a visit.   Carson decided he would be the cook for breakfast.
Here he is making his special: a "mean piece of toast"
Mt. Hebo:
According to Wikipedia,  Mt. Hebo is part of the Northern Oregon Coast Range.  The info from another website(  states that  "Mt. Hebo rises abruptly to an elevation of 3,176 feet".  This doesn't seem real tall since we used to live at the base of Squaw Butte which was around 5,906 in elevation.  But when your living at sea level it makes mountains seem taller, I guess.   This website also discusses "The Secrets of Mt. Hebo.  Check it out if you have time.

Running through the brush on the top of Mt. Hebo

"I'm on top of the world, looking down on Creation"

It was hazy, but the view was still amazing.
In the distance of this photo you can see the large Haystack Rock in Pacific City
I talked about it here in this post.

If you look real hard, you will see the snowy Mt. Hood far off in the distance.
It was a hazy day, but also Mt. Hood is several hours drive away.
This was also on top of Mt. Hebo.  This lovely little doll is "Barbie's" friend, and she
keeps track of the snow fall.  :)   Random

Next we drove part way down the mountain and stopped to do some fishing at Hebo Lake.

There were billions of these crazy little critters.

I am so envious of Andy's yellow fanny pack!

Two of my favorite people! :)

And the adventuring with Mamaw and Papaw will continue, but in another post.

May 23, 2013

When the sun go out and explore.

This post is specifically for those of  you who might decide to take up paragliding.  But incase you never intend to take up paragliding, you can just enjoy the pictures.  We love to drive out to this overlook. 
 Enjoying the sunset

A quiet, deserted beach.

My favorite oldest son enjoying the sun and fresh sea air.

Man time.

On our way home from the overlook, we saw these lovely creatures. 
These are Roosevelt elk

According to Wikipedia the Roosevelt Elk live in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.
So I guess that means I also live in a rain forest.  Interesting!

As you can see, we were no longer important to them.
And now you know the perfect place to paraglide and what a Roosevelt Elk looks like.