December 31, 2011

Christmas memories 2011

We’re just about to wrap up this year and send it on its way, but here’s a few more memories we   need file away.
 They got to open one
present each~  new jams!
The tree and presents~ all
ready for Christmas Day

Carson wanted to leave a surprise (a cookie and milk) for Mrs. Clause; he was also very concerned that I finish my job of putting out stockings after he was in bed.   This is what he
found the next morning.

Excitement over stockings... poor kenny looks a little confused.

Dressed and ready for church~ Looking sharp!
Opening and operating gifts from
Mamaw and Papaw~ while on skype.
The little man with his warriors~
thanks Aunt Sonja!

Kenzie opening presents.

Wow, whose house is this...what a mess!

December 23, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas~December 2011

It has been a good December.  The tree is up, the ornaments placed in just the right  spots,  the stockings are hung on the wall with care.  The outside lights are up and looking festive.
The cards have been sent... finally. We've acomplished the programs and caroling and shopping and
the gingerbread house making.  Its been a good December so far, with more fun to come!
(somebody better get some gifts wrapped or there might be trouble)

Aunt Di, this is the kiddies watching your "stories".

Making gingerbread houses with friends.  Sticky times and much
candy was eaten by all.

Please enjoy the following series of pictures, this is just a sampling of photos:   Just imagine the great fun we were having trying to get a family christmas picture using the timer on my camera. 

 you've got to be kidding me... how bout  turning on the timer,
And there was in their midst an angel or something, causing quite a blur.

Ok, watch the blinking light and smile...please!

Finally,  I think it is a keeper... never mind the lack of modesty
from the little lady.

My sweet kiddies- I think they are keepers!!

The stuff memories are made of

Fun times at the train table!

Pops does "Eye winker, eye blinker"  for Kenzie.

Kenzie does "Eye winter"  for Pops

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Pops.  As he prepares to
gobble up a large piece of his birthday "farm journal" cake.

And of course there were many readings of "Doctor Goat"!

So many readings, in fact, that Carson has parts of
the story memorized.

Thunder Mountain Line~ North Pole Express

Checking out the train before we board.

"All Aboard"   Sitting at our table, ready for the fun to begin!

Love the expressions on the kiddies faces! 
(see next picture for the reason)

Fun times!

There is some serious coloring happening here!

Enjoying the outside car- nice but a little chilly.

The train ride goes from Horseshoe Bend to Banks.  Some of the most
beautiful scenery ever!

Hanging out with Santa and Mrs. Clause at the NORTH POLE
aka Banks, Idaho.   Although Carson does believe he has now been
 to the "North Pole".

Back on the train and ready to head back.  Round trip 3.5 hours.
Great fun!  Wonderful memories!   Thanks Pops!!

~November Adventures with Pops~

The Old Basque Inn in Jordan Valley, Oregon.  We sampled
some new and interesting food.

Time for a little off-road adventure.
  How is this for a serious giant mud puddle!?!?
(Yes, we did drive right through it, no we did not get stuck!)

     In our attempt to reach and explore the remains of Silver City with Pops, we did run across the abandoned remains, and the not so abandoned remains of the mining ghost town of DeLamar, Idaho.

The higher the mountain we climbed, the deeper the snow  and
more treacherous the road became... until we were forced to turn
around, in a not so large spot.
Classic photo of Pops saving the Yukon from sliding over the
snowy cliff and plunging into the raging torrent.
(ok, so there was a snowing bank, but the creek was hardly raging;
more like a mostly frozen trickle.)

Ahh, my sweet kiddies.

Ahhh,  my very cool family....literally

A not so abandoned residence in DeLamar.  Every had that eeiry
feeling you are being watched, and uneasily waiting for the warning
shot to be fired?    This place did put me on edge, but there
was no smoke coming from the chimney- so guess they
wern't home.
So long DeLamar, Idaho.