August 27, 2010

Family Pictures

The older I get, the more I realize just how important family is. Each time we are together I cherish those times; try take lots of pictures and hold tightly to the memories.
Sure we have our issues, but I am so blessed to be a part of this family, my family!

Donna and Wesley
Davie, Jenny and Charlotte

Silly boys
I sure do miss this little watermelon eater!
And now folks, I do believe I have lived up to my promise to return soon and post more pictures.

ps. Special thanks to S. Vernon photography. She done a right fine job.

August 24, 2010

Well as you can see it has been quite awhile since I graced this blog with my presence. And as you can imagine, much has happened since … December.
But I hear these words echoing in my conscience- “Start with the present, Parriman, start with the present. So instead of recounting all of the cool things that have happened since I last blogged, and pushing aside my perfectionism, I will start with more current occurrences and maybe, just maybe, one day I will work my way backwards, because there is much to tell.
And now without further ado:
“Downing Family Vacation”
Friday, August 6th found the 4 of us winging our way to Cincinnati where we were greeted by my cool brother and transported to my dear mother’s house. Saturday morning we left the city bright and early and headed south. First stop was my childhood home in the booming metropolis of Pt. Pleasant. Here Pops joined our convoy and we continued on our merry way. Staunton, Virginia became our evening resting place.
Sunday morning we again began our journey early, very excited to be on our way! As we neared our check-in point for the house we had rented, “Kenny” began to whine and whimper, and cry and this being unlike her, I wondered what was wrong but just figured she was tired of being in her car seat, and after 10+ hours in the past 2days, who wouldn’t be ready to run. She drifted off sleep only to be awakened by a violent session of vomiting. Our journey was immediately halted so that clean-up could begin.
Soon we were back on our way, Kenny, not appearing any worse for the traumatic event she had just endured. Little did the rest of us unsuspecting victims know what now lay in store for us. All 12 of our happy vacationing group would be visited upon by this violent illness. We finally arrived in the lovely town of Corolla, N.C and excitedly explored our home for the week. Pool, hot tub, 500 feet from the ocean, happy togetherness. Donna and Wesley rolled in the wee small hours of the morning. There were greeted by Davie, who directed them into the drive way using his flashlight, and myself, who seeing the flashing of the flashlight thought it was lightning and went around checking windows/doors making sure all of our treasures were inside-until I realized that the last of the weary travelers had arrived. Where upon we sat around chatting, eating vacation food, and waiting on the other sleeping members of the family to join us.
The following days were interspersed with great family fun, happy times together, great food, punctuated with the violent illness the spread through our ranks. One by one, it snuck through our midst, striking where least expected, attacking out of the blue. One minute you were fine, the next minute you were almost late to the bathroom. I was the next after “Kenny” to succumb to the nastiness. I went to bed, not caring what anyone else did, or who would care for my 2 wild children. I couldn’t read or watch TV. I did pep talk myself that this kind of thing never killed anyone and sooner or later I would be better. During my illness, Carson and Aunt Di also fell victim. Good times. Thankfully this house had plenty of bathrooms. I did make a relatively strong recovery after 24-36 hours. The rest of our time spent there together was spent repeating the same questions to everyone in our group. “How are you feeling” “How many times did you throw up” “Can I bring you a sprite or ginger ale?” “Do you want some crackers?” “What color was it?” In my weakened condition I was unable to keep track of who fell next and the order of those struck down.
Donna, Jenny, Diana, and I were able to indulge in a Pedicure. And then we went to a coffee shop and had fun chatting and enjoying each other; until poor jenny was struck down and we had to rush back to the house. I’m telling you folks; the bug was nasty and came without warning.
All in all, it was a wonderful time being together; being beach bums, floating in the pool, game playing. The older I get, the more I realize that it is so nice to have a close family. I count myself very blessed to have spent this week with my best friends in the world.
Sunday the 15th, at 4am we packed up and headed toward the great city of Cincinnati.
Monday 16th was more family time, birthday parties, family pictures, visiting with Aunt Sonja, and recovering from vacation. Tuesday 17th more family time and we spent time with Andy’s grandparents. I also got to see my great friend April and her husband Joel. I hadn’t seen them in ages- very cool!
We flew out Tuesday evening. We just won’t talk about those flights-I might have a seizure. We were met at the Boise airport by Andy’s parents- they were coming to spend the next week with us and arrived about 12 hours earlier than us….. but that is for another post, on another day. Oh, by the way: got a text from my Mom Wednesday morning-she made # 13 to be attacked by the nasty foulness that “Kenny” started. What a vacation!

Hopefully, coming soon to this very blog-family pictures.

You never know- I just might be back soon.....