July 7, 2013

Kids these days

Recently we have had some great playing outside weather!  The kiddies and I have just been loving it!
This little guy is growing like crazy.  He is pulling up to stuff and cruising along, but has yet to take that "first step".  He loves to be outside and stand at the picnic table and crawl around the yard.  He does not mind the grass, but strongly dislikes leaving his hat on.


He is also the head chef at the local "Kenzie's Kitchen"

This dude is having a good summer.  He is doing lots of reading and reviewing of school stuff, and playing. 

My little lady keeps us all on our toes and is quick with a hug and a smile!  She wants to be a princess when she grows up....

A week ago several very large and heavy boxes were delivered....  These were a present from Mamaw and Papaw for the kiddies.
Andy has moved the boxes out into the yard  and unpacked them...

 and wallah (after hours and hours and hours of meticulous direction following), the project is taking shape and the "present" is beginning to appear.  This project is about half done, but I'm thinking soon our backyard will rival any other park here in the county. 
The kids have watched with great anticipation and w-a-i-t-e-d patiently  for the first moment they could start climbing.

I will post more pictures when the park system is complete.

Thanks Mamaw and Papaw, the kids are loving it!

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