July 11, 2013

Cloverdale Parade

I guess we have a thing for parades this summer, because we went to our second one on Saturday.  I liked the Tillamook parade - all two hours of it , but I loved this one in Cloverdale.    The small town of Cloverdale is just around the corner and down the road from us.  Since the parade route was also route 101, the Oregon Coastal Highway,  the parade officials could not block traffic during the parade.  So the parade took up one lane while Highway 101 traffic took turns using the other lane. 

Location, when watching a parade is so important!  We had great seats; it was weird to sit right there with our toes touching such a busy road.

Everyone stand... Here comes "The Flag"

Meet Clover... the town's mascot.

There were about 35 entries that made up this little parade. We were told that in years past the parade has gone around twice since it is so small.   It was a fun, small town, family oriented  kind of parade and we loved it!

Several floats with kids...

Several animals.... parading.

Beautiful horses

It was really strange to see traffic passing in the other lane.

Notice the cow bells around their neck and the small addition to the underside of these cows ponies. 

Every good parade needs at least one rodeo queen. 

 Fun times!

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