May 14, 2013

Westward on the Oregon Trail.

 Maybe you’ve heard, maybe not.   We have moved…  We have left behind the wonderful state of Idaho, the familiar and loved; packed our treasures, loaded our covered wagon, and hit the Oregon Trail.  
Pioneer Park ~ Pendleton, Oregon
Our modern day covered wagon.
Joining the wagon train cattle drive ~ Pendleton, Oregon
Giddy up Cowboy
The lady riding side saddle.
 Somewhere along the way we left behind the high desert beauty and traded it in for the lush green.  The wheels on our ol’ wagon went round and round until we reached the sandy shore of the great Pacific Ocean.    
A cloudy, misty welcome.
We were so blessed to have Nana along for the ride!!

We have done some adventuring, but mostly we have been working hard to move into our new house, find our routine, meet some great people, remember lots of names, and make new friends.  

 I have discovered the magic ingredient that makes this land so green…you'll never guess what it is. That magic ingredient  is rain, and lots of it! I'm going to have to learn to make my peace with this thing called rain.  (According to Google, Emmett gets 13 inches of rain per year, Cloverdale gets 83 inches per year.)    Although, for the past 3 weeks we have hardly any rain!  It has been beautiful; sunny and warm with lovely blue skies.  They tell me this is not normal, and not to get used to it…so I am thankful and soakin’ it up! 

This is Haystack Rock in Pacific City~ one of our new favorite places to go.

Yes, it is some C-O-L-D  water!

And now for some strange and random photos:

While cleaning out the small shed behind our new house this discovery was made.
Somewhere out there, is a very tall man missing his leg.

Andy and the "leg".

My silly kiddies

This wonderful bag of deliciousness was a welcome gift from the
Ministerial Association of Tillamook county.

On our very first Sunday, this truck was parked catawampus in the parking lot close to the entrance.
We found out later that the truck belonged to some "loggers" that live up the hill from the church, their intent was to be an irritant to the church people.  

 So, with that random tidbit  I will bid you adieu.




Brenda said...

Wow - lots of change. Hope you get settled soon. And I love "the leg" - too funny!

Alanna said...

Congrats on your new adventure! And I hope you'll be able to make peace with the rain, because the green grass IS nice! :) Praying for you guys!