May 25, 2013

Here we go adventuring.....

Recently, Mamaw and Papaw were here for a visit.   Carson decided he would be the cook for breakfast.
Here he is making his special: a "mean piece of toast"
Mt. Hebo:
According to Wikipedia,  Mt. Hebo is part of the Northern Oregon Coast Range.  The info from another website(  states that  "Mt. Hebo rises abruptly to an elevation of 3,176 feet".  This doesn't seem real tall since we used to live at the base of Squaw Butte which was around 5,906 in elevation.  But when your living at sea level it makes mountains seem taller, I guess.   This website also discusses "The Secrets of Mt. Hebo.  Check it out if you have time.

Running through the brush on the top of Mt. Hebo

"I'm on top of the world, looking down on Creation"

It was hazy, but the view was still amazing.
In the distance of this photo you can see the large Haystack Rock in Pacific City
I talked about it here in this post.

If you look real hard, you will see the snowy Mt. Hood far off in the distance.
It was a hazy day, but also Mt. Hood is several hours drive away.
This was also on top of Mt. Hebo.  This lovely little doll is "Barbie's" friend, and she
keeps track of the snow fall.  :)   Random

Next we drove part way down the mountain and stopped to do some fishing at Hebo Lake.

There were billions of these crazy little critters.

I am so envious of Andy's yellow fanny pack!

Two of my favorite people! :)

And the adventuring with Mamaw and Papaw will continue, but in another post.

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