May 23, 2013

When the sun go out and explore.

This post is specifically for those of  you who might decide to take up paragliding.  But incase you never intend to take up paragliding, you can just enjoy the pictures.  We love to drive out to this overlook. 
 Enjoying the sunset

A quiet, deserted beach.

My favorite oldest son enjoying the sun and fresh sea air.

Man time.

On our way home from the overlook, we saw these lovely creatures. 
These are Roosevelt elk

According to Wikipedia the Roosevelt Elk live in the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest.
So I guess that means I also live in a rain forest.  Interesting!

As you can see, we were no longer important to them.
And now you know the perfect place to paraglide and what a Roosevelt Elk looks like.

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Joyce said...

Love the pictures and the commentary. Keep up the good work letting us in to your everyday life and adventures!!!!!!