May 29, 2013

The Third of May~

The Third of May was a big, big day!  
 "What happened", you say, "on the third of May?" 
 It just so happened, that on this day, something new would come our way........
Uh, oh it appears that my Dr. Seuss skills have just failed, so how about I stop the rhyme and just tell you our happy news.
For the last several years, Andy and I have tossed around the idea of getting a lazy boy type recliner.  Well we finally made that purchase.  We found one at the furniture store that we really liked and they delivered it on the third of May.
You can see from this picture, that the sun does shine here sometimes!

Here it is; our new chair!  We also realized that in our almost 9 years of marriage this is the first brand new piece of furniture that we have ever bought. 

The local princess posing with the new chair.
Apparently, this is what happens if you sit in this chair to long.
Hey Pops, here it is, the new chair!  It is all ready for your arrival in a few days!


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