September 21, 2013

Hiking at Cape Lookout and a Picnic at the Beach

Labor Day found us out of school and ready for a hike.  Well sorta ready...  At our house it was sunshiny and warm, at the trail it was foggy and rainy and cold.  But it didn't really seem to affect the kiddies much. 

Here we are, ready to go.

I was really thankful for my sweatshirt!   Despite the cold, rain and fog, it was nice to get out into nature and explore!

Because of the fog, we couldn't see the ocean far below, but we could sure hear it.  These are the trails that bring on the gray hair to the worrying mama.  If you slipped and fell here, you would for sure be a goner!

This is where the trail ended for us.  Due to our unpreparedness and the lack of food in our tummies and the fact that the actual trail stretched on for a long way and the observation that everyone returning on the trail was totally covered in mud and NOT smiling.    Some day, when we are more prepared we will hike and complete this trail.

As we were hiking back out, the ocean had become more visible.  Its a long, scary way down!

Distant shore line, barely visible

The kiddies are checking out the trail map

Then we headed down to the beach for our peanut butter sandwich picnic lunch.  Interestingly enough, the sun was shinning at the beach but we could see the cape was still enshrouded with fog.

Soakin up the sunshine, cuz the rain is a-coming!

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