September 22, 2013

Back to Church Sunday

Last Sunday was National Back to Church Sunday.  For several weeks in advance, Andy has been encouraging everyone to invite their FRANs (friends, relatives, associates, and neighbors). 
We had a brainstorming committee and came up with some cool ideas.   One of those ideas was goody bags for the kids.  (This idea was borrowed from my Ohio-friend, Tara.  Thank you!)

Here is the hard working crew putting together kids' bags.

Carson and Kenzie were so excited to help.
Here they are, all ready to go. 

Another one of our ideas was having a little after-church fellowship.  We had water, juice and Yellow Dog coffee along with pastries and cookies.  My request for a sunshiny morning wasn't answered so we jut put up a canopy and went with it.  

It was so neat to watch our church catch a glimpse of the vision, and invite people to come to church with them.  And it was so exciting when people excepted their invitation and came.   We had a goal and God helped us reach it.  

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