September 20, 2013

Sunday Dinner and Dory Boats

So now your asking what does Sunday dinner and Dory boats have in common, and what in the world is a Dory boat?    Keep reading...

So last Sunday we had lunch with some friends whose house over looks the ocean.  This is the view from their dinning room windows.

The boats on the beach are dory boats.

"What are dory boats? Flat bottom boats designed and built in Oregon that takes off straight into the waves from the beach off Cape Kawanda. They are mostly used for fishing but you can also find locals that will take visitors out to get a close look at Kiwanda Rock. Watch out when you hear their big horns off shore, because that means they are racing back to the beach and you do not want to be in their path."

It was so fascinating to hear the horn then watch them accelerate right up unto the sand.

The kiddies had fun exploring around outside on the deck.

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