September 15, 2013

Blogging Backlog

Several weeks have passed since my last post; what should I blog about first?  Hmmm let's see.....

I could tell you about the log truck whose wheels dropped off the side of the pavement. This rolled the cab and trailer right over.

The driver was ok, but this was quite sobering to drive up right after it happened.  The roads here are very unforgiving!

Or, I could tell you about the driving adventure we took down a logging road. 
 It was all great fun as we wandered 10 + miles back on deserted  forest roads;  until all of a sudden, we had a flat tire.  Not cool!   We have adventured hundreds of back roads and never had a flat, until this day.  Of course there was no cell service back there in the boonies either.   Thankfully there was a logger named Travis that graciously stopped and helped Andy change the tire and then he followed us back to town since the spare was also mostly flat. 

Or maybe I  could also tell you about our first baptism here at this church.  

I took this picture before the baptism, not sure why the water was such a lovely color.  :)

I could also tell you about flying to Ohio and getting to celebrate this little guy's first birthday with family.

And celebrating this little lady's 4th birthday.  


Spending time with family sure is fun!

Or I could tell you all about our happy toes!

And then there was our trip to the Cincinnati Zoo

We were quite the crew.

Playing on Nana's deck...

Playing at the park with Mamaw and Papaw.....

This little guy was so sleepy...

That's all for now folks,  I promise to be back real soon and tell you more about our fun in Ohio.

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