July 26, 2013

Adventuring in Seattle (6/20/13)

 There is no better way to start the day than with another reading of "Dr. Goat".

 The littlest dude wearing Pops' hat.

The Seattle skyline.

Than it was off to Pike Place Market.  This place was so cool, but a bit overwhelming.

First stop, was Starbucks... and not just any Starbucks but the very first one.

The kiddies enjoyed sharing mine.

This gentlemen was putting on a good show out in front of the Starbucks shop.  He even sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" for my little dude.

Inside there were more flowers than I have ever seen in one place.  So beautiful! 

I walked past a booth that was selling the WonderBun....

and beautiful pottery

and then the largest display of varying flavors of honey, and you could sample as many as you like.

My princess posing with the Princess Scrunchies.

Ahhh  I love these flowers!


Fish and Crab and Lobster.

and more fish and shrimp.




And then it was The Pike Place Fish Co.   This is the place where they yell and cheer and throw the fish.  And seem to enjoy their job with great gusto!

If you look very carefully in the middle of this picture, just above the man's head and just below the red/white ball, you will see a flying fish.  These guys were so much fun to watch!

I got a peach slice sample from this shop, seriously the best I have ever tasted!

Andy went into this little Bakery and bought a couple of pastries so...

... he could sit down at  Bakery counter and look out the window, so I could take his picture while he consumed part of his pastry. Then he brought the rest of the pastry out and shared.

Pops, Andy and I eating some of the biggest shrimp I have ever seen!  Delicious!
Me and my $4.00 cookie.  Seriously the biggest cookie ever! 

We then left Pike Place and headed to the Space Needle.  We didn't go up in the needle, but just wandered around and took a picture or two.

The other faces of the city.

While exploring and wandering throughout the city, I saw some sights that made my heart sad. 
While stopped at a red light, I watched as this man dug through the trash can until he found something to eat. 

I watched this man wander down the street in the drizzling rain, wrapped in a large piece of carpet padding.
 And I wondered as this man rode past if  he had all his earthly possessions strapped to his bike.

Then we dropped Pops and Janet off at the airport and bid them adieu.  Said farewell to the big city and headed for home.  I am certainly thankful that I don't have to deal with Seattle traffic on a daily basis!  It was crazy.

This concludes the Adventure series with Pops and Janet.  We saw many cool things and had so much fun! 

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