September 17, 2013

Blogging Backlog 2

So I'm sure all my faithful readers (Hello Mama and Daddy) have been waiting impatiently for me to continue blogging about our time in Ohio. 

We spent some quality time at Cincinnati's Riverfront and  The Banks.  Here Andy is posing with Mr. Cincinnatus.

At The Banks, there is the coolest swing set ever.   Its a long row of swings that look out over the Ohio river.

While in Ohio we were able to spend some time with my Grandma Voss.  Here we are-4 generations.

Bubble blowing with Papaw.

Race time!

A serious game of baseball!

No trip to Mamaw and Papaw's is complete without a tractor ride.

Cooking up biscuits.  I could sure go for some of my Mama's good biscuits and sausage gravy right about now!

Playing at the park.

The little ladies.

My good friend Andrea.

It was pretty crowded at the pool.  This predicament can make for unhappy swimmers!

We were blessed to spend some time with Andy's grandparents.

Playing in the rain with Aunt Di.

Orange Leaf- frozen yogurt goodness!

Stylin and profilin in their aprons from Nana.   Unfortunately Baby Miles hadn't arrived yet so he was unable to appear in this picture.... notice his apron and shoes.

Some of my favorite people!!

The littlest man swiped Pop's phone and started looking at pictures....

... pictures of himself.  :)

The kids listen closely as "Dr. Goat put on his coat and went out to make some calls."

My kiddies were introduced to the art of catching lightning bugs.

They had great fun racing around the yard with Uncle David.  Capturing and containing....

Then it was time to head to the airport and say our goodbyes.

But not before some last minute silliness,

and taking of off centered pictures,

and wrestling with Aunt Di,

and hugging on my far-away- sis.

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