September 18, 2013

And The Summer Fun Continues

A summer bouquet of wildflowers brought by my sweet kiddies.

Soaking up a little sunshine at the beach cuz we know the rain is a comin!

And then it was off to Emmett for the wedding of two good friends.  We got to stay in a travel trailer in that was parked in Ms. Judene's yard.  She took good care of us.  It was so good to see our friends again and wander around our valley.


Carson and his very dear friend.

Bow tie issues...

This picture is really grainy, but I love the expression on Carson's face.

After the wedding we went out to supper, Carson was so tired he fell asleep in this position... I took this picture just before he fell out of his chair.

Visiting with friends...

It was a quick trip to Emmett, but relaxing and very enjoyable. Good times!

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