July 14, 2013

Adventuring toward California (6/13/13)

While Pops and Janet were here for a visit we did some adventuring. We left our house Thursday morning, stopped by the Yellow Dog and picked up coffee, and cruised down Highway 101 headed for California and the Redwoods.  Of course no adventure with Pops is complete without visiting a lighthouse or two.

Haceta Head Lighthouse, located just north of Florence, Oregon.   Please notice the lovely coastal weather.

After a couple hours of travel, it was time for lunch.  Another important thing to know about adventuring with Pops is this, if there is a seafood restaurant around, you should probably eat there.

Griffs on the Bay.  This was some good food!

Walking off our lunch around the Bay.

Third: The Umpqua River Lighthouse in Winchester Bay, Oregon

The view in front of the Umpqua lighthouse. 

The further south we went in Oregon, the warmer and sunnier it became. 
 I love the rugged, diverseness of the  Northwest coast.

Finally time to explore a little and stretch our legs. It was quite breezy here so the little dude and I stayed close to the car...

We arrived at our first evening's destination:  Brookings, Oregon.   A beautiful town with a lovely Azalea Park that we wandered through.   The azaleas were no longer in bloom, but there were numerous other flowering plants/bushes/trees.  The littlest man was very happy to be out of his car seat.
The park was followed by one more lighthouse and a supper of seafood.  This lighthouse is the Pelican Bay Lighthouse, it has been moved and is now a privately owned residence....but it is still a lighthouse. 
Stay tuned for day 2.

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