July 15, 2013

Adventuring in California~The Redwoods; Crescent City, California; (6/14/13)

Our second day dawns sunny and clear.  We had perfect weather!  At this point I am so excited to see some giant Redwood Trees I can hardly stand it.  Breakfast, a coffee drive-thru, then it was "good bye" Oregon, "hello" California!

Beautiful scenery!

The trees started getting bigger and taller and my pictures just don't do these ginormous, beautiful, trees justice.

 We parked and got out of the car and just wandered.  I felt like a little kid exploring-we had so much fun!


This little dude was real happy to be out of his car seat!


This picture of the fallen, cut tree puts the size into perspective.  They are huge! 

The face on this tree is a little spooky... but  very cool! 

This tree was perfect for the kids to crawl through.

Sprawling roots!


There was a very worn path around the base of this tree so we obviously weren't the first to race around.

We left the Redwoods and drove into Crescent City looking for a place to get a good seafood meal.

Well we found it... this place had some great seafood!

After eating we had to check out the local lighthouse; Battery Point Lighthouse. This is an active lighthouse and also a private residence.

One interesting thing about this lighthouse is that you can only walk over during low tide.  And it is certainly in your best interest to keep an eye on the tide.....

We did keep an eye on the tide and headed back to the mainland before the water rose to high.   This next picture is what it starts to look like with the tide coming in.

Such a wonderful, fun-filled day.  We loved the Redwoods and  would love to return someday to do more exploring.

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