February 24, 2011

Tucanos Brazilian Grill

 Yum-O!      Not a place to visit every weekend, but definitely nice for a special occasion!
Andy and I went the weekend before Valentine's Day. We had called ahead for reservations which was wise! It seemed like everyone else in the Boise area was also there for supper.
Tucanos had a V-day special so for a few extra dollars we chose to upgrade…. which basically meant: white table cloth, a couple of extra meats, chocolate covered strawberries, and you received a rose as you left. Nice!
You start with the Festival Salad Bar it is "all you care to eat" and has 60+ cold and hot items. Everything you could possibly imagine to put on your salad… even some things such as quail eggs, which I cannot imagine putting on my salad! Then when you're ready to be bombarded with cooked veggies, grilled pineapple, and multiple types of meat cooked in various fashions, you flip your little cue to green and the fun begins. When you need a break to catch your breath, you flip your cue to red. We were served 8-10 different types of meat: grilled shrimp, whitefish, filet mignon, chicken hearts (could not eat) and I just can't remember the others.
We also ordered Brazilian Lemonades… I had mango and Andy had guava. Delicious! I failed to get a picture of our chocolate covered strawberries, but they were also very tasty! And it was very cool to walk away with a yellow rose. J

Brazilian lemonaid
The "Cue"- red = we were DONE!

Carson's Photography- we did get a better picture- I just thought
this was funny  :)


Brenda said...

Very Cool! And I love Carson's photography! Hee hee!

Stephanie said...

Laughing at Carson's picture...

And I wanna try that place! I'm a foodie, you know. :)