February 24, 2011

Bear- newest member of the family

Monday, February 7, 2011, our lives changed forever…. sounds dramatic huh…. actually we got a puppy. A free, pure-blood, black lab puppy- almost 8 weeks of age, joined our family. At first the kids were very apprehensive, but now they run and play with him. Carson named him Bear, a rather fitting name I think.
Our first few nights with him took me back to the newborn stage, awake every few hours, crying. Thankfully by night 3 he was sleeping through the night. (if only it were that quick with the baby humans) Now we are in the middle of potty training… Andy is working hard to get him to do his business in a specific part of the yard.
We were given a ginormous dog crate for him- Andy is a regular customer at The Coffee Shop and asked the owner if she knew of anyone wanting to sell a dog crate… she just happened to have one and give it to us. I guess all those $ 1.25 trips to The Coffee shop has paid off. J Actually, I think of it as our doggy miracle!
Bear received his first set of shots on the 16th and did just fine. Andy held him still in the kitchen sink while I administered the medication. There is quite a difference between human skin and dog skin… the thickness was a little shocking.
Now for pictures of our cute little guy.


Getting his shot.  This quite possibly was harder on me than him.

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe you gave your dog his shots. You are the woman!