February 14, 2011

Valentine Video

Well, after several attempts to upload a video to my blog, I have failed.  Probably due to the length of this epic film.  So, if you care to follow this link, you will find a video rivaled by none other.


Disclaimer:  This video was taken before lunch and after leaving the house at 7:45 am, sitting through first service, fellowship/connection time, sunday school, and then second service.  
Despite what I say on the video, I do know all the names of our N.C. family. 
This is raw footage, unrehearsed, and undiscussed, although there was a scribbled script for the narrator.


Anonymous said...

I do believe this was "one of the best, if not THE best" Valentine's Day video I have ever received. I highly suggest this becomes an annual event. Thanks Carson and Kenny for the wonderful job you and your coaches performed. I love you Mucha Mucha Mucha and hope you are having a VERY Happy Valentine's Day yourselves. MeeMee/A.D.

Anonymous said...

Truly...it was like no other. :) Due to poor prior planning on my part no Valentine's were sent either. :( Hope everyone had a happy day. Love to you all!

Brenda said...

That was priceless! Clayton and Addy loved it and actually sat still on my lap and watched it! Your kids are so cute! And I loved those chairs they were sitting in!

Liz said...

Priceless!!! Loved Kenny's obligatory responses - and laughing on command - amazing! :>)