January 1, 2011

December in Review (part 2)

12th…..After church we had some people over to eat up the appetizer leftovers. 
13th…..Life4ce Staff Party (these are the volunteers that help faithfully and willingly with the youth group) There was a total of 17 in my little house.  Potato soup, white chicken chili, and Chili were the main dishes. We also had salad, bread and different desserts.  Good Times!    


14th…..z-girls Bible Study
18th…..and the day finally came, the day I had been training for, waiting for, excited for.  The YMCA Christmas Run.  2.5 miles.   I ran with Stephanie and about half the state of Idaho.  She is an old pro at running races, this was my first one.  I could probably write a whole post on this subject as well.

      …..Dress Rehearsal for the Children’s Program- Carson is “Joseph”
      …..Church Christmas Dinner            
19th…..Children’s Christmas Program (see my facebook for videos of this great occasion)



      …..Lunch with pastor Jonathon, Stephanie, M &G. 
      …..Candlelight Christmas Service.   

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