January 1, 2011

December in Review (part 3)

21st …..Z-girls delivered 3 cookie trays and had lunch at McDonalds.   Each of the girls made something to add to the trays.  First delivery: the hospital staff.  Second delivery: Sheriff, deputies and staff at the jail.  Third delivery: a terminally ill lady and her husband who used to make these deliveries, but passed the torch to the z-girls.


 …..The grand and glorious board dinner which I assisted Stephanie with.  This was an appetizer & dessert event with mocha punch, cucumber water, and coffee.  Good times, but no pictures.  My camera sat in my purse all evening.
22nd…..Life4ce caroling.  This was such fun!  We never got a good count but I think there were between 40 and 50 of us. Some of the teens had battery operated candles and that looked cool.  I forgot my camera so no pictures of this either.
23rd…..Second annual gingerbread house decorating. Hosted by my friend Debbie with 7 little people in attendance.


       .....The 4 of us took a ride through the booming metropolis of E and looked at Christmas lights.  I love family time!
24th…..Christmas Eve Communion. 
      ……C & K open 2 presents.  The traditional new p.j.s and their gift from Aunt Sonja - which just happened to be “Neckless the Audrey Amaka Story” written and illustrated by Brent Vernon.  Awesome book!!  

25th…..Christmas Day.  Quiet, subdued. Tylenol flowing freely.  C & K both have colds and C running a temp.  Jambalaya for Christmas dinner….weird I know, but its now a tradition.
Discovering the contents of
their stockings

26th…..The kiddies and I didn’t go to church.  Sick, sick, sick!
27th-30th  Recovery
31st …..Ending an old year, starting a new year.  Kids are sleeping. Andy is at the Life4ce lock-in and I am blogging.


Stephanie said...

Girl! You have been on a blogging frenzy! Loved it. Your december makes me tired. Again. :)

I'm still mad that we didn't take any pictures of the Board party!

Alanna said...

Loved the update! Whew-- you've been busy, but looks like it was grand! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved, loved, loved all the info and the pics. Hope this year is a special one!

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Sorry if I didn't say hi or anything when you guys were up here visiting. :( You'll have to come visit again soon!! :D