January 1, 2011

December in Review (part1)

 What a crazy, exciting, busy, and reflective month.  Here I am on the last day of the month, the last few moments of this year being driven by some unseen force to blog.  Hmmm they have places for people like me.  Ok, focus…
Interestingly enough this Christmas season was the most peaceful and enjoyable one I have had in many years.  I think there are several factors involved in this but I don’t feel like taking the time to spell them all out.  I am very thankful and blessed!
I think one of the factors had to do with my “mindset”.  Spending time thinking about Advent, the important stuff, and trying to teach my kiddies what’s important, really helps prevent worry, stress, and panic from taking over. 
Another of these factors came in the form of a saying that I read on my friend Tara’s facebook.  “Hospitality is about connection not perfection.”  This gave me much food for thought.  And without further ado… Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you December.

1st ……Rehearsal for the Community Christmas Choir’s Program
3rd-5th..The Program.  There were two songs that we sang that were really thought provoking for me.  “God is with us” and “Is there room today”.
My new friend Kassi-modeling our
choir outfits. 

7th……Stephanie and I provide the musical entertainment for Coffee Buddeez’s Christmas party. We were rockin the house! (Coffee Buddeez is a group that gets together every Tuesday and drinks coffee  J )
       ….. z- girls Bible Study.
Just tootin our horns for Jesus.


8th …..Dora the Explorer Birthday Party.  The little lady across town turned 4. 

9th …..Baby Shower for one of my “z-girls”.  I could do a whole post on this one…but not today.
Dakota and the diaper cake I made her.

10th….. Outreach Party.  This was huge for me…this is one of the times this month that God helped me set aside the desire to be “perfect” and it became all about hospitality and showing/living Jesus-does that make sense? This type of get together had been on my heart for a couple of weeks.   We invited 4 other couples for food, fun and fellowship: pizza, chips, brownie, ice cream and games.  These were not your typical been in church their whole life couples.  I could do another whole post on this too.  This evening was so much fun and we will be doing it again!  God used this time with these couples to teach me a lesson or two.

11th…..Connections (Women of Worth) Progressive Dinner.  Another big evening for me in concentrating on the hospitality side of things.  I hosted the appetizers course.  Fun stuff!  2 of the z-girls came and helped me get ready, and Stephanie and 2 other z-girls   brought appetizers.  I believe there were around 35 ladies in attendance… my house was so full, but I loved it!  I fixed:  Bacon wrapped smokies, cocktail meatballs, creamy taco dip, cheese ball, festive pepper jelly spread, and Pineapple cranberry punch. Brought by others:  Spinach dip, artichoke dip, cheese quesadillas, and garlic and cheese bread.
Montana and Dakota helping me get


 …..The z-girls surprised me and stopped by so I could see their outfits and masks.  They had been at a birthday/masquerade party.

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