February 16, 2014

Snowmageddon and Getting Aunt Di to the Airport

So the day came when Aunt Di had to return to the East; as in Ohio.   After hearing the weatherman mutter and sputter about the great white death that was to come we decided to leave early; that and we wanted to check out a little restaurant that served Bubble Tea.  We loaded up the Yukon and headed over the coastal mountains to the "weird" city of Portland.  Once we got into the city, it started to snow and traffic really began to slow down.   We found our Bubble Tea place and stopped to try it.   Interesting stuff!!

Then it was a mad rush, at a snail's pace to get Aunt Di to the airport. The snow kept falling and the traffic kept getting slower.  She did catch her Portland flight, only to miss her connecting flight...eventually she did make it back into Cincinnati.   We on the other hand spent a total of 10 hours and 45 minutes in the car.  Yes,  almost 11 hours in the car for a round-trip that usually takes about 4 hours.  We did stop at a doughnut shop and buy a dozen; everything goes better with a little sugar in your system!  Meanwhile, the snow kept falling.  Just before leaving the last of civilization we stopped at Little Caesars and bought supper;  munching and crunching and slipping and sliding toward home.

Here's a couple pictures of our adventurous travels. 

Meanwhile, the snow just kept falling.  We were all super glad to arrive home safe and sound! 

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