February 18, 2014

Fun During Our Snowmageddon!

First thing in the morning they were both out playing.  Running, jumping and squealing around the yard.

Then while Clayton took a nap, we were out again playing.

This was the perfect place to dry our boots and gloves.
 Hot chocolate was a tasty way to warm up our insides.

Then it started to snow again......

 Time to go out and play again!

Snowball fight!!

They were back out again after dark.   I think they were in and out about 7 different times throughout the day.  And we got about 6 inches of snow, which is totally unheard of for this area. 

Everything was so beautiful with the snow, and we feel very thankful and blessed to have been able to enjoy  this rare storm.

But alas after our 6 inches of snow, the forecast turned to endless days of rain..... ok, not quit endless.
Our fun was about to be washed away.

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