February 25, 2014

Guest Post: "Trouble on the Nestucca Bend Ranch"

Today I am very proud to announce that we will be having a guest blogger.  Please welcome my oldest son, Carson.    Each day for school he is required to write a short composition, usually about two or three sentences.  The subject is about something we are learning or discussing.  The following is his composition from Friday.  We are in the middle of a cowboy unit and had a lot of fun putting this story together.

"Trouble on the Nestucca Bend Ranch"
I am, Carson, the number one cowhand on the Nestucca Bend Ranch.  My favorite bull pushed out the fence, and headed for the river.   He went to the river, got a drink, then crossed the river and wandered into the logging zone.  He climbed through the forest and headed up the mountain.  When I realized he was missing I ran to the barn and got ready my horse Rocket.  We galloped down the rocky road toward the river.  I spotted my bull’s hoof prints on the far side of the river, so Rocket and I crossed over.  I followed the hoof prints left by my bull.  Then my horse started getting antsy and snorting and I was thinking a wolf must be near.  I noticed that there were wolf prints following my bull’s hoof prints.  I pulled my gun out and continued on quietly and cautiously.  That’s when I saw a wolf slowly circling my bull.  The wolf was growling and having a mad face and my bull was snorting and pawing the ground.  I climbed quickly off my horse and tied him to a tree, then I climbed up the tree so that I could get a good shot at the wolf, this also kept me hidden from the wolf.  I waited for a clear shot and then I pulled the trigger and killed the wolf with one shot.   I climbed down the tree, grabbed my lasso from my horse, roped my bull and we all headed back to the Nestucca Ranch.  I think the bull was happy to get back to his safe pasture.   And we all lived happily ever after.



Jenny said...

Carson! What a cool story! Good job!

Alanna said...

Wow!!! Fantastic story Carson! Sound like an exciting chapter book in the making! :-)

Anonymous said...

What an exciting story, Carson!! This is Nana

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story Carson. Your story and career choice is a perfect fit for a man with the name of 'Carson'. I would like to visit the Nestucca Bend Ranch sometime and help you mend your faulty fence.

I have two questions for you.

#1 were you carrying your six
shooter in your 'hand stitched' leather holster???

and for 10 bonus points,

#2 Describe how you knew the wolf prints came after the bull's prints??

-Uncle David

Kimberly said...

Great writing, Carson....lots of suspense! I'm happy your story need with every "happily ever after"!

Kimberly said...

"Ends with everyone"