February 27, 2014

Adventure: The Trail of 101 Steps & Agates at Oceanside

Saturday afternoon we headed off to the beach to hunt for agates. We had endured several years days of rain and on Saturday the sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was bright and warm. And the day was just made for exploring!     We headed first to a new beach to explore-Short Beach.  This beach is only reached by descending the more than 100 steps down over the steep hillside to the beach below. There are built in  benches to rest and a odd little wooden building.  (If one was blessed with an over-active imagination, then one could cook up all sorts of strange, odd, and eerie happenings in the little wooden building.)

Beginning the descent.

 Here's the odd little building that you pass through.... we didn't linger long.

Short Beach.   I love the trees growing right out of the top of the rock.

Bracing himself for the wave to come....

Love this picture! 

Cape Meares Lighthouse 

Of course no trip to the beach is complete without a good log "rescue". 

"Rescue" complete!

On our return, I stopped for a moment in the odd little building and took a couple pictures of a some of the graffiti that caught my attention.

The trail of 101 steps was sure a good cardiac work out!  And it was fun to explore  a new beach.  We plan to return when the tide is low, and we can do a bit more exploring.
On to Oceanside in search of agates.  This is the first one we found.

I find it very relaxing to wander slowly up and down the beach looking for these "treasures".

 Here is part of the collection:  I found 11, Andy found 3, and Carson found 3. Such a fun afternoon!
Then we headed towards home, but since it was nearing sunset we had to stop and watch the big orange ball dip slowly into the deep blue sea.  But, I will save that for another post.


Anonymous said...

I do believe one of these would make a beautiful necklace for me. :-)I enjoyed reading about your outing. Love to all, A.D./MeeMee

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your posts, and every time I think "man, I really want to go visit them." :)

Montana Hagan said...

These pictures are so great friend:) The kids are growing up and the coast is beautiful.
Super cool about the scriptures you found. Pretty good truth in little abandoned place:)

Unknown said...

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