January 21, 2014

Highlights from Our Holidays (part 2)

November 21 brought more celebrating when we picked Pops and Janet up from the airport.  They got to visit with us for almost two weeks.  During these two weeks we viewed lots of sunsets and ate many a bowl of clam chowder.  Good times!

Pondering the finer things of life.

Playing in the sunshine.

 Quiet Reflection at Hebo Lake.

Celebrating the sunset.

Haystack Rock, Pacific City

Hiking through the dunes at Bayocean.

Cape Meares Beach

A cool sign in the village of Cape Meares.   I've seen this before.... just not the last forecast "Stone and sign gone~ Tsunami"

Then it was off to Oceanside, to carefully creep through the dark, rocky tunnel to Tunnel Beach.

  Here we again had the opportunity to rescue the stranded, beached log and again attempt to return it to sea.  

Happy Sunday Morning!  Beautiful and sunshiny.   So good to have Pops and Janet attending with us.

And then it was off to the beach for yet another sunset. 

Another adventure we took was to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory and wander slowly through the cheese sample line and enjoy some ice cream.  Yum!

Pops gave Carson a much needed haircut.

Another stop was the Tillamook Air Museum.  We enjoyed exploring their displays.

And then it was time for yet another sunset.

A great building project with Tubes and Connectors.

Happy Thanksgiving!  So wonderful to all be together and to have Mr. Phil join us for the great feast.

After the great feast we rushed off to the beach to check out the sunset... and we weren't disappointed.

Hurry Pops, you're going to get your awesome red shoes wet!

Two of my silly boys!

Goodnight Sun, Goodnight!
Last run with Bear before he moved away.

Meeting up with some dear friends to give them our dog.  "Kendra Sue"  it was so good to see you!

Never pass up an opportunity to adventure...   Smith Rock State Park.   Such a beautiful place, and it was nice to wander through some sage brush in the high dessert again.

Quite possibly my favorite coffee shop ever!  Sisters Coffee Company in the quaint little town of Sisters.  This place seriously made my heart so happy, and it had nothing to do with the coffee, although my white chocolate mocha was quite tasty.

Too much coffee?  nah, he's not a coffee drinker yet.

Aww Pops, let me wear your hat.

 The Bald eagle that hung out in the tree top across the drive from our house.

The annual putting up of the tree.

Our church had a special tree decorating service.  It's been a tradition for nobody knows how long.   Everyone brings an ornament, explains why it's special to them and hangs it on the church Christmas tree.   This is my homemade ornament.  Carson helped me collect these pine cones when we lived in the great state of Idaho.  My Idaho pinecone hanging on our Oregon Christmas tree.

Pops, I will be your best friend, if I can play with your phone.

Watching some crazy waves crash against the rocks.

Me and my favorite Daddy.

We had so much fun with Pops and Janet, and we were sad to see them go. 


Anonymous said...

I don't know you; you don't know me, but I so enjoy your blog. I missed it when you didn't blog for a month or so. Glad you are back.
My husband and I are missionaries to Taiwan; on our last trip back to the US, we traveled in the west, seeing CA and OR for the first time. Enjoy seeing some pictures of the same things we visited.

Alanna said...

Love these sweet pictures! Your kids are growing up! And oh the sunsets... Wow! :-)

Kimberly said...

it looks so beautiful where you live!! and that Sisters Coffee place looks like my idea of a good time!:) enjoyed your pictures...
i really like that tradition of decorating the church tree...neat idea...