January 19, 2014

Highlights from Our Holidays (part 1)

Goodness, it feels like life has been on fast forward for the past couple of months.  As you can see, blogging just didn't happen.   But, I'm back....

We started celebrating way back at the beginning of November.  Andy's parents drove out, yes I said they DROVE from Ohio. 

We went on some new adventures and revisited some old faithful favorites.  One or our old favorites is the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  That's a required stop for any of our visitors.

Over the top with silliness!

Amazing truffles from The Blue Heron.

Happy in the sunshine.

Roseanna's in Oceanside.  Neat, little place right on the beach.

 Chasing some waves....or maybe they were chasing us.

We crept slowly through the dark, rocky tunnel from Oceanside beach to Tunnel beach (super creative name for the beach).  It's a portal to another world;  Oceanside beach was sandy and smooth
Tunnel beach was rough and rocky.

Getting out of the tunnel is just a bit treacherous.  Beware of falling rock!

This is a really good place to look for agates.

Kenzie was briefly marooned on this rock, when a wave caught her off guard.

We did a bit of rock climbing.  This is not for the faint of heart....or the faint hearted mother.  Wet, slippery, slimy and dotted with sea gull poo.

Then we had the fabulous privilege to rescue this stranded, beached log and put it back to sea.

We wandered around in the rain and the wind and the cold...

We ate at Doryland Pizza....seriously some of  the very best pizza every!

And then, on the 12 day of November, it was time for Christmas!  Complete with a hacked off evergreen branch.

Such excitement!

This is a cool contraption that fires off a giant puff of air.  I'm sure this was masterminded by some ornery optometrist somewhere.  It is almost as bad as the glaucoma puff test.

Good times were had by all.

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