September 28, 2013

Sand And Sun And The Little Red Car That Got Stuck.

Recently we spent a little time playing in the sand at Pacific City.   The sun was mostly shinning and it was almost warm.  We are trying to take advantage of the sunshine, because the rain is coming!

This guy loved the sand. 

The waves were high and before we left, the clouds and fog had started to roll in.

Much to our amazement and our amusement, this small car cruised out onto the beach, like it owned the place and preceded to drive right into loose, dry sand and get very stuck!   It is possible to carefully drive on the beach and not get stuck , you just must use wisdom.  But I am guessing this may have been a new-to-sand- driver.  Even more interesting was the fact that 5 people and a guitar were jam packed into this tiny car. 

I guess it's all about the adventure and the making of memories.

Unfortunately we had to leave before their very small car was free from the sand. 


Sonja Vernon said...

You are such a blogging machine lately! :) I love it so much. It helps me feel closer to you, my far away friend. Sending my love to all!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics and comments. love ya. This is Nana