September 29, 2013

Andy and his First Half Marathon!

For the last couple months, I have been in training mode.  But it became apparent in the last 2 weeks that I had some sort of issue with my right leg.  After research, I determined that it was my IT Band.  It  became apparent this past Monday after much frustration, terrible pain and buckets of tears that I would not be able to run the race I had trained for.  On Wednesday it was cleared by race officials for Andy to wear my bib and run the race in my place.   He hasn't been running much, only about 8 miles in the past four months.  So he took on quite a challenge.  
We left our house at 5.20am and traveled over the river and through the woods first to packet pick-up and then to the starting line.

The potty line up.  Notice that it is pouring rain. 
The pinning of the bib.

His cheering committee waiting close to the finish line.  Yes, it is still pouring rain!

13.1 and done!

His official time as listed on the Uberthon website was 2:34.

Tired, drenched and feeling accomplished...

The race announcer game him an odd look as he announced .... and here comes "Dixie" finishing the half.

I am super proud of his accomplishments.  I say we make an odd team... I put in the training, and he runs the race.

To celebrate his accomplishments we headed straight to Red Robin for lunch! 

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Anonymous said...

This is Nana-Congrats to you, Andy