July 18, 2013

Kite flyin and cheese makin (6/17/13)

Kite flying and cheese making are two fun ways to spend a Monday.    For Carson's birthday, Pops had sent 3 kites.  So with great excitement we headed off to the beach to do some kite flying.
Carson happily flying his new kite.
The littlest dude chilling in the back of the Yukon out of the wind.
Kenzie watching the kites go higher and higher.
Run, run as fast as you can....
And then it was off to the cheese factory to watch them make delicious cheese.  And sample some of that delicious cheese!

And gaze longingly at the coolers full of delicious cheese.

And then enjoy some delicious ice cream.

For supper we ate seafood at the Fish Peddler in Bay City.  Evidently I was to busy enjoying my food to take any pictures.  

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