July 20, 2013

Experiencing Oysters (6/18/13)

There is a gentleman affiliated with our church that hauls oysters.  So when he learned that my dad was coming for a visit and just how much he loves seafood he offered to bring us some of his oysters.  My only request was that his wife would tell me what to do with the oysters.... 

Step one:  wash the old gnarly things off with a hose

 Step two:  Place them on a hot grill.

Step three: Pry the shells open.

 Step four:  If you're Pops, you just dig the meat out of the shell and....

....eat it.

Even Andy joined in the fun.

Step five:  The oysters that Pops and Andy didn't eat were collected in a bowl.

 Step six:  Take them inside and eat some more.   Before...

 After....  So this is the second time I have eaten oysters... and this time I sure missed the cocktail sauce.

Step seven:  Batter 'em, fry 'em and eat some more.

Good times!  Happy memories!

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Anonymous said...

I am a missionary in Taiwan; I ran across your blog and now follow it. I loved the picture of your face after the oyster! Perfect!! My family eats oysters at special times of the year, but I told them if they could see where they are from, they wouldn't. I saw when I came to live in Taiwan. I am not a seafood eater at all, so your face is quite understandable!! Melissa Manners