January 3, 2012

Daybook: Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Today I am:
Thankful for- Sunshine.

Listening to- “Into His Courts” by Lucas Shrout & Richard Williams;  and“Experiencing God”.

Thinking about- Dennis Kinlaw’s devotional thought for today:  The guarantee of God’s presence in our life is not to be assumed.  It is conditional, as seen throughout the Old Testament.
Reading- “I heart Mormons”  written by David L. Rowe, Ph.D.

Fixing for supper-  Chili and homemade cornbread.

Practicing- counting my blessings and seeing beauty.

Excited about- visiting with family.
Photographing -

Kenzie:  playing the saxophone

   A new form of leg-strengthening

Playing hard!

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Anonymous said...

Just did some catching up on your blog. It's been too long. So glad you all had a good Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Much love!