November 9, 2010

Thursdays/ Fun-days/Family-days

Thursday is Andy’s day off during the week. Sometimes we go on an ‘adventure’, sometimes shopping, sometimes nothing more than just being together and hanging out.
I like Thursdays! Here are some pictures from a past fun day.

We went to Stanley, Idaho at the base of the majestic Sawtooth Mountains.
We spent the night at Redfish Lodge. We went on a very cool hike and saw some of my favorite trees. Aspen Trees are super cool they almost deserve a post all there own; maybe someday.
The leaves of these aspen trees had started to change colors- beautiful! Ate our supper of pizza by the lake. Saw some of the local wildlife. Had a nice time! Good Memories.


Stephanie said...

Love Stanley and love our days off! :)

POPS said...

Great pictures, sure glad to see Carson is armed for his adventure in bear country.