November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Menu:
Cranberry Fruit Conserve (new recipe- delish)
Picnic shoulder ham (delicious tradition)
Mashed potatoes (wallpaper paste)
Scrumptious sweet potato casserole (new recipe-yum-e)
Stovetop stuffing (always a fav)
Gravy (only saving factor for the wallpaper paste)
Crescent rolls (thankyou Pillsbury)
Apricot jelly (homemade by me)
Swedish Apple Pie ( a tried and true tradition)
Double Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake (new recipe-wonderful)

I pulled out the special dishes, placemats, cloth napkins and the minnie mouse plate.
Kinda fancy, but fun! My dad has been spending this week with us-good times!

Activities of the day:
Devotions. Drove to the gym is sub-zero temperatures. Actually, I think the temp was 14 degrees at 7:30am. Ran 2miles on the treadmill-average speed 13.02.
Fixed a big breakfast of bacon, fried eggs, toast and coffee with pepermint mocha creamer for the men of the household. Skyped with my family in Moldova and Ohio-at the same time. Technology is awesome.
More preparation on our great thanksgiving feast.
Did some volunteer time serving at our church for the community thanksgiving dinner.
Christmas came from Pops.

The men started the assembly process on a giant train table-all 126 pieces.
Completed preparation for our great thanksgiving feast.

The men undid some of their progress and re-did it in a manner more aligning with the directions.

Consumed much of the great thanksgiving feast

The men completed there train table project- much to the joy of the little man.
The little lady didn't understand why she couldn't play with the amazing train table.
Clean-up the remains from the great thanksgiving feast.
Naps for the little boy and girl.
The men play with the awesome train table.
More skype time with the very far-away sister.
The boy plays with his trains.
The girl plays with her house and piano.

I hope you have all noticed the humble state of my christmas tree.
We started it late yesterday evening and managed to fluff the branches, put the tree together, carefully apply the lights and ribbon and then throw the strands of beads on. More tender loving care to my minimalist tree is coming soon. Until then, the lights are shinning brightly and the christmas music is playing softly.

Happening soon:
Work up the energy for some dessert eating.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful time! (And the meal looks lovely...wallpaper paste and all.:) So glad Pops was able to be with you. I'm sure you made some special memories.

Katrin Elisabeth said...

Miss you!! :(

Vespasian said...

Every time I think I may be able to achieve Dixiedom, you just get more perfect. :o) Thank you for continuing to get more perfect so that I constantly have that challenge before me. Your meal looks awesome! I'm not kidding - I know how much work a meal like that is, and I laud your efforts.I had to laugh at the whole train table incident - it sounds familiar. That whole, "we are men, we don't need where does this go." I have learned to love manuals and directions guides (especially ones with pictures.)

Stephanie said...

lol at your menu comments!