October 3, 2007


I have been tagged by 3 people: Aunt Deb, Sarah, and Jenn. This means I am to list random facts about myself. I think I will just stick with 7 facts since 21 would be impossible.

1. I absolutely love being a mommy.

2. I love my job as a music teacher. I especially love teaching band.

3. I married the last person I dated.

4. I hate the dark; big crowds; and chickens. (When I was quite young a rooster
pecked me on the leg and made me bleed. I have harbored hatred in my heart
ever since.)

5. I don’t like baby sleepers that snap. Sleepers with zippers are much simpler.

6. I have spent almost 1/3 of my life at GBS.

7. I lost my pacifier in Haiti at a very young age (6 months) while accompanying
my parents on a missionary adventure.


Brenda said...

#3 is a very good thing! :-)

Dixie said...

I like #3!


Anonymous said...

Not to simply echo previous posts, but I'm very glad about #3. If it were not true, I would be pretty concerned. :)

I am now going to have to totally rethink your Christmas present. I had tickets for you to go to a large arena at night crowded with people where prize chickens were being shown. Rats.

Martha C said...

Enjoyed reading your "tag." Troy and I have always agreed that you must have a world of patience to teach kids' band! :-) You do an awesome job, and that is a special gift.

Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

Martha, teaching band does take a lot of patience but it is so rewarding!
Thanks for the compliment.

Luanna said...

Hey Dixie,
Luanna WRight here! Check out my blog at



Canada Girl Forever said...

Especially when she has students like me!!!!!

coffeechica said...
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coffeechica said...

enjoyed the fun random facts:P

*clearing throat... singing loudly* "look to the back"

well i did but no you! lol missed you the last couple mornings. ttyl :D

Liz said...

Okay, just call that baby Andy II! He looks more like him all the time! I'm sure you're both very proud.

Have a good one!

Julie Schultz said...

Okay, so I was going to offer an ingenious comment about the great solace that can be found in your comment about marrying the last person you dated. However, it appears that my thoughts are not ingenious, but merely an echo of everyone else's impression. Sigh. My work here is done.

skier1998 said...

Hey Dixie, I just wanted to say thanks for the comments on my blog. (I looked for your e-mail but couldn't find it.) I really like the Pregnancy week by week book... and I signed up for the e-mails from Baby Center. Good advice. :-) E-mail me if you have time - I may have a few questions for you that I wouldn't want to "post" for the whole world. tarajoyce@zoomtown.com

Liz said...

We were riding in the car the other day and Gracie said, "Remember when our cousin, Dixie, came to see us?" Since you're now part of the family you ought to come see us a little more often!

Maybe we'll see you at YC this weekend?

Uncle Dan said...

Hey Dixie:

I was going to comment on the first pic I saw of Bean ... then the 2nd ... then the 3rd !! You get the idea!
That young man is absolutely OUT OF CONTROL!
He is SOOOOO Cute! It was great to see you all a couple weeks ago. I sure do love you, and am SO proud of your family!
Keep the posts comin' -- Give Brother Bean a big kiss from Uncle Dan, and say hello to The Rev.

Lots of Love,

Uncle Daniel