September 9, 2007

Our week in review.

Sad tidings: Mr. H. Balloon, a trusted member of the Andy Parriman family, settled to the floor for the final time on Thursday. (Yes, his first name was Helium, but he preferred going by “H” you probably would too.)
H joined our family the day after Bean was born, a gift given by Nanna. This gassy friend floated stoically above the mantel watching over our family and proudly proclaiming his message “It’s a Boy” to all who would happen by. During the past couple of weeks I have noticed signs of age creeping in. He started to look somewhat anorexic and soon was only a shell of the man he once was. He also started to very slowly drift downward, wanting to be near us I suppose. The poor guy never did say much, but was always right there. He lived a long and happy life of 14 weeks. I’m pretty sure he outlived all of his family and friends. I trust he will rest peacefully and comfortably in his new home, Bean’s baby book. He certainly will not be forgotten.

Yes, I know I must sound deranged, but if you had a helium balloon last longer than 3 months than you could blog about it too. Plus by telling you this story I could use the words “gassy” “floated” and “stoic” all in the same sentence. That is certainly notable.

So, Bean and I have successfully finished our first week with me teaching. He did great! He decided Tuesday night to start sleeping through the night. That was a nice blessing, now I just have to remember how to sleep all night.
The classes I am teaching are smaller, but that is ok, easier for classroom control. Beginning Band is really going to be interesting, it always is, but this year the flute is the instrument of choice. Last year there wasn’t one, this year 5 or 6 of my 13 beginners are desiring and determined to learn this fine instrument. I guess we will just be a flute band. Also these beginners have somehow gotten the idea that I (the school) will provide them with the instrument they want to learn. Maybe I will become a magician and start pulling instruments from my hat. Probably it would be easier for them to just go rent/buy from a reputable music store. (Wal-mart and Sams do not fall into this category)
Andy has just finished another online class; he has 2 weeks off and then will start two classes.
Have a wonderful week. I promise to post more pictures of dear little Bean soon.


Sarah Cook said...

You are hysterical! Glad I am not the only one who mourns over balloons, etc. That was one long living balloon! Speaking of instruments... My 3 year old is already showing interest in piano... and, I, so didn't keep up with my lessons after studying under my good friend, Martha Castle, cannot teach her much, unless I teach myself first, and that takes... TIME! Oh, how time does get spent so quickly these days!

POPS said...

Maybe you should dress your band in revolutionary war uniforms and have a drum and fife corp...
Sad news about H Balloon, guess we're all getting older.
Have a good week

Deb said...

Loved the story on Mr.H. I have flown many of his family high over Granddaddy's urn, but don't believe one has ever surpassed his age.
I do believe there is a flute up in the closet from Lash's GBS band days that could be for sale if someone is interested. Whoever knew we might get free advertising on your blog site. :-) Love to all.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened over the loss of your dear friend, but you eulogized him well. He would blush to hear the kind words you bestowed upon him.

Another observation, any post utilizing "gassy", "stoic" and "floated" in the same sentence should be up for some type of award. Notable? It's ground breaking in its scope. I humbly applaud you.

An aside: love the drum and fife corp idea. However, the thought of some of those kids marching with wooden sticks and long metal tubes does cause one to shudder.

Cindy said...

Dixie! What a funny writer you are! Who knew?! I mourn with you the loss of Mr. Balloon. I do have one observation to make, however. I wonder if Bean is now able to sleep more peacefully without him lurking about...just a thought. Maybe he thought it was a ghost. My cousin's little boy thinks there may be a skeleton living under his bed :)

I AM glad to hear that your first week went well. I am anxious to hear your little band :)

Love you guys!

coffeechica said...

i love it! lol