August 31, 2007


Today, August 31, my little boy was three months old. Where has the time gone?
Some of his blog-worthy accomplishments this far are:
-Smiles that melt Mommy’s heart
-Diapers that make Daddy gag
-Very observant to his surroundings
-Occasional “conversations” with his parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, and toys
-Enjoys playing with fingers and toes
-Rolled over several times today
*This happened during a fit of rage after being left in his pack-n-play longer than he thought was necessary, so will see if he can continue this behavior under normal circumstances. (No, I am not one of those mothers that rush to their child the instant they began to cry, especially when the cries have rage-like qualities)

Well, school is here again. Bean has his own little nursery in my office. Pack-n-play, swing, bouncy seat, and lots of people to see. I did take him to the store to buy school supplies. Diapers & wipes... Not really the traditional supplies needed, but pretty necessary.

“So, is he a GOOD baby?” This question has been asked me by several people in the past 3 months. People with a look in their eye that says, “Come on you can tell me the truth” This makes me wonder, is there such a thing as a BAD baby. And if you did have a BAD baby would you really tell someone that? How would you know if your child fit into the “bad baby” category? And for that matter what is a GOOD baby? These are the questions that keep me awake at night. (No I am not serious)


Anonymous said...

I think he is a grand mixture of "good" and "I know what I want". In my book that's a good thing. Much better than just being a lump that accepts everything that comes down the pike! :)

Deb said...

For my opinion, and you know I am always ready to give it, there are good babies and then there are better babies. Glad Carson has started out the school year doing well and prepared.

Cindy said...

Personally, I think he is a grand little fella! His smile could melt anyone's heart, especially when he makes his little happy sounds to go with it :) It was so great to be with you guys for awhile last week, and looking forward to seeing you again soon!
Oh, btw, I think you're very wise to not rush to pick him up when he's throwing a tantrum. You're building a kid with character, instead of allowing a character to replace the kid :)

Danelle said...

I'm pretty sure if there is such a thing as a "bad baby" or (high maintenance baby), then I have lived the experience--but I do have to say my "darling Lexi" improved greatly when she learned how to crawl and entertain herself :-)
I think she was just bored for the 1st 8-9 months of her life. So, can you really blame her for consuming every waking moment of every day with either screaming (when being left to her own devices) or laughing (when being entertained)--I can for sure say that she doesn't let life get boring anymore (between eating the house plants, calling poison control, climbing up the metal baker's rack, falling off of beds, and wanting to swim independent of all adult assistance).
Carson is looking more and more like his Daddy everyday, and I love keeping up with the regular updates since I can't be there to see the milestones for myself.
Much love,

POPS said...

Well, I can't imagine you even needing to ask the question, "Is Carson a good baby?" OF COURSE HE'S A GOOD BABY! (Athough I would expect a little more joy out of him when he's on the tractor with me)And yes, there ARE bad babys! I have 27 of them here at the high school, I tend to them everyday.
Keep up the good page with plenty of pictures.

Jo said...

Okay, so I have never had a child, but working in the child care industry has proven to me that there are bad babies! Carson doesn't seem to fit in this category from what I have seen though.

By the way I think that you are an AWESOME mom! Carson is a lucky fella!

The Lazy Philosopher said...

Immaturity (in the parents, not the poor infant) + ill-trained parents = poor parenting skills + lack of common sense = bad baby.

Bad babies don't exist naturally, they are created as a result of bad conditions.

Kind of like pollution and wars...

Sarah Cook said...

Aw, from all the pictures I have seen, he looks like he does nothing but smile... I would say, that is pretty good... Now, as he gets older, you might see whether or not he is strong-willed... yep, I have some of those! If you want to get really spiritual about it... They are all born with the sinful nature... that's bad... but, Jesus also has a special love for children and their kind of faith, and that's good... Just thought I would try to get technical about it. I sure wish I could meet your little bundle of joy.

Kay Barr said...

I think Carson is adorable! It's so neat to see him from time to time around campus and I would have to say he seems to be one of the better babies I have seen. If there is such. He always seems to be happy or maybe thats just because he loves GBS so!