July 14, 2007


Bean and I took my sister Diana to the airport early Thursday morning for her trip to Malaysia. The weather was much cooler and more comfortable then it had been in previous days, and not wanting dear Bean to get cold on this adventure I covered him with two cozy blankets and placed his blue hat with the white pom-pom, on his head. I really love the hat. When we were back at the house and I had removed blankets and hat, I realized that the hat was now too small, since it had “left its mark” on his forehead. Now the hat would have to be retired, and I, overcome briefly with a cloud of sentimentality, was sad. (No I did not cry) Then I really cheered myself up by realizing that for years to come there would be such “milestones” as this.
My cute little boy is growing very fast; he is now a grand six weeks old. Wow, time is really flying.


Joyce said...

Dixie, I enjoyed the pictures and reading your tho'ts. Wish I had more tho'ts written down when you were that age.
Love, Mom

Sarah Cook said...

Hey, don't feel too bad, I have left marks numerous times on my little girls' heads because I was determined to have them wear these headbands as babies. The marks are only temporary. But, alas, hats are grown out of very quickly... yes, I get that sentimental feeling, too.