July 17, 2007

The adventures of Bean and his Mommy~

Today we went to Portrait Innovations and had Bean’s picture taken. Now I have been somewhat nervous about this appointment since I scheduled it, knowing it would be up to me to make the decisions. Bean, on the other hand, showed no concern for this big day until last night; evidently he was so excited that for several hours he couldn’t sleep.

Not wanting to be late, not exactly sure where I was going and wanting to dress him in the “picture outfit” after we arrived, we gave ourselves plenty of time, in fact we were about 30 minutes early. No problem (I thought) plenty of time to change his clothes. The outfit I had picked out was a very adorable white and blue pinstripe. We are ready, let the pictures begin.
Bean is smiling and talking on my lap, in an excellent mood for pictures. Then I feel a warm sensation on my leg, this can only be one of two things, so off to the changing table for a quick diaper change. Only a little wet spot on his adorable white and blue pinstripe outfit. The minutes continue to tick by… 1:15 comes and goes, the waiting room is a madhouse, children are everywhere. (An excellent time to observe parenting styles) Bean and I keep waiting; I am praying that his outfit will quickly dry, that nothing more will soil it, and that it will soon be our turn while he is still in a happy mood. Then it happens, an ominous rumbling, we quickly rush back to the changing table to survey the damage. The word “blowout” would be a correct description, but if I’m careful…. Nope time to bring out the second outfit. The minutes are still ticking, the good mood has passed. Sleep has come. Finally, an hour and half after our originally appointed time, it is our turn. Yeah! The sleepy boy was able to wake up and even give out a few smiles. After picking out the pictures that I wanted and waiting 20+ minutes for them to print, we were out of there. This adventure took us about 3 ½ hours.
Actually, Bean did very well, probably better than his Mommy and we got some great pictures!!

I did learn some valuable lessons:
Never show up early.
Bring enough food for at least 2 meals.
Bring several outfits; you never know what might happen.


Anonymous said...

I'm excited about your blog--I have several friends that are trying to get me to start one so I can post pics of Lexi and the next one on the way--we'll see :-)
I loved the Portrait Innovations episode monologue and I remember at least two of my own that were about that interesting--keep the updates coming

Erika said...

Wow, six weeks old! The pictures are very cute. I will try to remember your experiance at the portrait studio when it comes my turn for picture time:-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cute baby. I really think he looks like his father.

Anonymous said...


You are right. His father must be a wounderful person.

Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

Very funny!

Uncle Daniel said...

Hi Dixie!

Sure enjoyed your blogs! Keep 'em comin!

Lots of love to you ALL ... especially "Bean!"

Uncle Daniel

Cindy said...

Hey, Dixie!
I loved your picture studio story :) Sounds like you took everything in stride! I must say the pictures turned out just precious...I can't wait to see him again. I'm hoping to come over sometime in August...

Dana said...

Thanks for the sharing your picture story...they were worth it!! Much love,

Kimberly said...

Stumbled onto the blog tonight and impressed by the "new management" and VERY cute baby...congratulations!! Take Care! Kimberly (Sonja's friend)

Sarah Cook said...

Wow... at least you were prepared with the second outfit... I think I would have to run and buy another the way I go prepared to places alot of times. Hey, did they give you a discount for the really long wait? I think I would have asked.