February 11, 2014

Experiencing the Pacific

Of course multiple trips to the beach are in order.  This was Aunt Di's first time to the great Pacific.

Here she is doing a little writing in the sand.... all in another language.

 Oceanside Beach headed toward the tunnel.

Tunnel Beach

Another log rescue.  Attempting to put it back to sea. 

 Back through the tunnel to Oceanside Beach.

We've heard that Oceanside is a good beach to find agates, so we were on the lookout.  This one was found by Carson.  We gave it to Aunt Di.

 I found this one... it's a baby agate.

Then it was off to the Cape Meares Lighthouse.


Enjoying a sunset from Cape Meares.

We also took her to explore Bayocean.  I blogged about that here.
This is from the top of the dunes at Bayocean looking back toward Tillamook.

As we approached the beach we could see footprints in the wet sand and counted 17 roses strewn along the shoreline.  Sobering, thought-provoking, and fascinating- O how I wished to know the story behind these roses.

We collected shells and climbed around on drift wood and enjoyed the sunshine.

This is the Tillamook Bay, as seen from The Fish Peddler.
And then after two weeks of visiting it was time to take Aunt Di back to the airport and send her on her way.  The trip to and from Portland was certainly and adventure.  We discovered Bubble Tea,  she was almost late catching her flight, we spend a total of 10.45 hours in the car (it should have been a simple 4 hours).  She missed her connecting flight..... but that's all for another post.



Kimberly said...

you live in such a beautiful place!! those roses...o my goodness...i wold love to know the story, too...

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