January 30, 2014

The Stained Glass Roaster

For the last month or two, Andy has been interested in learning to roast his own coffee.  So he found a green bean dealer in Mississippi and ordered himself two bags.  These are ethically harvested, unroasted, green beans; one from Uganda and the other from Costa Rica.

The set-up:  1 hot-air popcorn popper  ($6.99-Goodwill)    1 strainer (my kitchen)  1 large bowl & 1 damp towel (my kitchen)

The directions

And the fun begins.   First, measure carefully the green beans, pour them into the heated, running hot-air popper.   Then start the timer and wait, listening carefully for the first crack....   such an intense smell!


Waiting patiently for that second crack.

Watch the chaff blow all over the kitchen.... the damp towel does collect some of it.

At the beginning/middle of the second crack the time is up.  Quick, dump the beans into the strainer and...
rush them outside to cool immediately.

He has succeeded at roasting his first batch of beans.

He dreamed it and accomplished it.  I think when he goes pro, he should use this name:  The Stained Glass Roaster.   What do you think?  Ready to order some beans?  

**Random facts according to Andy:  East Coast is known for their lighter roast-this is at the beginning of the first crack.  West Coast is known for their French or Vienna roast-this is well into the second crack.

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RaeLyn said...

Your husband cracks me up! So how did the home-roasted coffee taste? :)