November 1, 2013

Wandering the Sands of Tierra Del Mar.

Since living here, we have found our favorite beach.  It's called Tierra Dell Mar.  Usually we just drive onto the sand and then play close by.   But this time we decided to park, walk and explore a new section of beach.  Today the ocean seemed moody, shrouded in the mystery of fog and mist.  She was loud and noisy with big splashing waves. She played tricks on us,  drawing us farther and farther out and then surprising us with a big wave that came way up onto the beach.  She's always cold but today she was freezing  (well not literally).   
So we put on our coats and hats and mud boots and away we went to chase some waves and look for treasures.

This little dude was unhappy for about the first 15 seconds, then he was happy.

We saw a gazillion jellyfish washed up on the beach.  Most of them were dead... but I've been told they can still sting even thought they've gone on to the great jelly fish beyond.

Carson walked down the beach kicking the dead ones.

Wave watching

Wave racing.

I believe many of these are vacation rentals, but they are mostly vacant now since the tourist season is over.

One of the cool things we discovered.... I would love to know where this is from and what it used to be part of.

A sandy lego.

A wind block for the fire pit.
We also discovered this lemon that had definitely seen better days.

Bullwhip Kelp (I think)

Of course one must pick up the Bullwhip kelp and swing it round and round!

More watching and waiting...

and roaring...

 and waiting and watching...

and racing...

faster and faster...

 Aww.  They do love each!

We took turns playing "follow the leader" and walking in each other's foot prints. We did lots of singing.  We brought home several cool rocks and a few broken shells.  We have yet to find a whole sand dollar, but we sure have found lots of  halves of sand dollars. 
It was a lovely afternoon and a good time was had by all.

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