October 20, 2013


Recently, we took a little road trip up the coast to the lovely little town of Astoria.  The purpose of this trip was two-fold;       1. The Columbia River Coffee Roaster is there, and they had  some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee that Andy really wanted to try. (and he had a little birthday money sent specifically for coffee)
2.  We hadn't been to Astoria and really wanted to explore a little. 

After Andy got his bag of coffee beans we crossed the loooooong bridge into Washington-just because we could.

These were some cargo ships we saw while crossing the long bridge over the Columbia River. They kind of remind me of a battle ship game. 

Welcome to Washington.

While in Astoria, we decided to visit Fort Clatsop.  This is where Lewis and Clark spent the winter after their big discovery journey.

But alas, our plans were foiled.  O well, we will have another reason to return to Astoria.  Also, Andy has really enjoyed the coffee beans he purchased, so that would be the other reason to return.

Carson and I did get out and walk a ways down a trail to see if we could spot the fort.  Unfortunately, no signs of the great Fort.

But we did find this amazingly large garbage can. This thing was huge!

On our trip back home, we drove through Cannon Beach.   This is a picture of the famous Haystack Rock.

The evening was really beautiful and the ocean was peaceful.

We enjoyed our adventure, but will return to Astoria to discover more cool things.

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